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About NCTV


Here at our headquarters where the Android TV Box industry started.  We have been providing our customers with the best cable alternative for watching live sports, TV Shows, Movies and premier events since January 2013.

We were the Pioneers that introduced the first Android TV box in this industry and with more than 1 million Android TV Boxes sold worldwide, we are changing the way people watch TV.  Our Engineers, who were instrumental in developing XBMC now known as Kodi, are the true unsung heroes, who through their tireless efforts and sleepless nights have continued to provide the most advanced Android Media Boxes offered today in this thriving industry that’s taking the world by storm.

Though we have gone through our share of bumps and bruises, our team of engineers have now redesigned our proprietary firmware and streamlined the interfaces for flawless navigation and effortless streaming capability.

We now introduce NCTV Entertainment taking you to the next level in superior home theatre entertainment. Our new NC17 UHD/4K Android TV Box is the most advanced android TV box ever made and will allow you to truly cut the cord to your cable providers forever. Watch all your live sports & TV in stunning 1080p/4K resolution.  No more grainy pictures or watching sports in poor quality that buffers. Only NCTV offers this, no one else compares.

We have been saving customers tons of money for years and continue to provide the highest quality streaming service ever! Since day one, we have been the #1 innovator in the android TV Box industry. We have shown hundreds of thousands of customers how to stop giving their hard earned dollars to the big cable providers that just continue to raise rates without a care in the world.

If you are unhappy with your cable provider and you want to make the leap of faith we invite you to become part of the NCTV Family.

In closing, our Mission is to offer not just the best alternative cable solutions, but also to insure that every NCTV Family Member is never left in the dark.  We have always offered live tech support and online support through our Facebook support group.

Our Promise to you :

It’s so very important that you are 100% satisfied, no matter what your needs are. That’s why we offer such a great return policy and warranty upgrades. Whatever your issues are you can be assured that one of our trained team members will be there to assist you.  We are always here to help! We know you will enjoy your NCTV Android TV Box so much that you will instantly share your new found treasure with all your friends and family members. And once you become a 200% believer in our product we invite you to become a reseller and make a little extra cash on the side.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter and we look forward to you becoming part of the NCTVFamily!

For any questions or support please contact us via email or phone – nctv.help@gmail.com or (888) 308-9652.